Shift your strategy from reactive to proactive.

Start With INSIGHT™


The Insight™ process diligently and deliberately accounts for all factors impacting your overall cost, offering and outcome; giving an employer the almost ‘crystal ball’ advantage.


Insight™ identifies strengths and weaknesses while communicating executable action steps to address issues that may be keeping your bottom line inflated or preventing you from realizing your vision and goals.


Insight™ is predictive. The process looks specifically at your organization and provides a new perspective that will prepare your organization not only for today, but for tomorrow and for the future.


There is no cost to go through this process with us. We believe that this industry isn’t just about providing a return on your investment; it is about us sharing our passion for what we do; ensuring there's always an obvious Return on Relationship.

What's in it for us?

We hope you will have experienced something with us that is new, refreshing and engaging.

A process that doesn’t just create a way to solve your current problems, but one that proactively tackles those inconspicuous issues that may not have appeared on the horizon yet.

A process that has meaning for your today, your tomorrow and your future.

A process that introduces you to a team of experts that you no longer want to do without.

Our hope is that we provided you with INSIGHT™ .

Some of the best experts out there fail simply because they are terrible listeners.  At Hierl, we believe that we need to first be expert listeners.  Listening plays a crucial part in ensuring our strategies and solutions have a meaningful impact on your organization by incorporating your vision, understanding your needs, and recognizing {together} your current strengths and weaknesses.

Once we have had an initial conversation and fully listened to the scope of your current situation, we can now better define your vision for the future.  Our expert strategists will apply a unique method to help you identify your short-term and long-term needs and goals.  This unique approach ensures we cover all the bases that impact your costs and leaves no stone unturned.  The information we gather during this step will assist us in providing you with clarity and assess potential opportunities.

Here is where it gets interesting … Our expert strategists will now focus in on innovative ideas and recommendations that are unique to your organization based on the information we gathered in steps 1 & 2.

This isn’t just an off-the-shelf, anyone can do it process.  Our recommendations come from years of industry experience, vetted success stories, and access to one of the nation’s largest and leading comparison analysis tools to make sure that you are not only cutting edge, but competitive and consistent with your offerings. These recommendations will define a strategy.  You can use this information as you please, even if you do not to work with us again in the future.

Step 4 takes us from INSIGHT™  to action.  It is said that even the best ideas in the world fail in the company of poor execution.

At Hierl, we stand by our word.  Our promises mean something. We define a strategy, execute a process and we deliver … consistently.

The experts at Hierl are not ego-driven.  They are purpose-driven and have a very clear, well-defined purpose that we use to instrumentally benefit our clients day in and day out.

We don’t expect to be held accountable for an off-the-shelf product or a dime a dozen service – we expect to be held accountable for exceptional delivery, our relationship with you and the outcome that our engagement produced for your organization as a whole.

All of steps 1-4 are great so long as the result of the effort doesn’t just stay between our firm and the decision makers.

Hierl understands the need to create buy-in; to engage your employees in your overall offering.  Buy-in starts with education and understanding.  You cannot expect your employees to utilize what they do not understand or, even worse, what they do not know exists.

This is why Hierl works to bridge the communication gap and partner with your Human Resources team to create a strategy that empowers your employee population to get involved and educated.  We want to help you create a workplace that has engaged and safe employees that are conscientious of healthcare consumers.

Step 6 simply goes back to the core of why we do what we do. The positive impact we are able to make daily matters to us. It is what drives us.

At Hierl, we don’t wait to be asked to ‘Prove It’.  We take a consistently proactive approach to analysis and reporting, from the up-front analysis we perform back in steps 1-3 to the ongoing stewardship reporting we provide throughout the course of our relationship.  This data offers your team invaluable, ongoing, actionable insight and information.

These reporting initiatives demonstrate our firm commitment to real results and meaningful outcomes for your organization.