Taking Data from Interesting to Relevant.

Leveraging results from the nation’s largest healthcare survey and most comprehensive source of reliable benchmarking data, Hierl works to empower employers to develop baselines for employee benefit strategies that are innovative and effective.

The power of this survey is not in the data alone, but rather in our ability to customize the data alongside your specific plans and current strategies.

Why Should I Customize this Data?

To attract top talent…
Are your benefits to par or are they keeping potential employees at bay?

To strategize…
Do you want a richer benefits package or is it time for a change that aligns you with your peers?

To manage costs….
Do you have a plan of action to budget for potential increases in health insurance premiums?

To showcase value…
Are you providing the right the data to communicate to employees the tremendous value you are offering?

Customize My Data

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How will you measure up? The Results of the 2018 UBA Health Plan Survey Are Out: