Preventing Construction Site Theft

Theft can be especially devastating for construction sites, as it can cause dramatic delays in production and force contractors to pay out of pocket to replace equipment and finish jobs. Fortunately, taking several precautionary measures can help reduce the threat of construction site theft.

Consider the following tips to deter thieves from impacting your bottom line:

  • Safeguard your equipment—It may sound simple, but reminding employees to put their tools away after work can prevent most instances of theft. If possible, keep tools locked in a garage, locker or other secure location each night. Additionally, remind employees to ensure that functioning locks are attached to any storage units and offices before they leave the worksite.
  • Stop unauthorized entries—Denying unauthorized access to your worksite is a critical first step to preventing theft. Consider utilizing a reinforced fence with a single locked entrance and exit. For added safety, run barbed wired along the top of the fence.
  • Provide lighting on your construction site at night—Using lights to illuminate construction sites at night is an effective and low-cost way to deter thieves. Ensure that common targets like on-site storage units and offices are well lit. For added protection, motion-activated lights can be used to scare away potential thieves and are useful in poorly lit and less-trafficked areas.
  • Use video equipment to monitor your construction site—Modern advances, like solar-powered video cameras with wireless internet capabilities, make it easy for you to remotely monitor your construction site for suspicious activity. In the event of a theft, surveillance footage can potentially help identify the culprit.

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