Employers are facing a vast number of challenges including the ever-evolving compliance landscape, pressure to rein in costs, diverse population communication needs and retention issues arising from job-hopping millennials*. These challenges can have tremendous impact on the bottom line giving rise to employers turning to benefits and HR technology solutions to help them try to stay on top of it all.

Studies go on to show that many companies attempting to tool up on their own often will fall into ‘band-aid’ technology for situational issues not addressing the true big picture challenges, which only adds to cost and inefficiency.

Don’t be ‘dragged and dropped’ into the sea of overwhelming technology choices – leverage the expert knowledge of the friendly people at Hierl.

*EBA, 2015, 2016, Benefits Technology Survey

Hierl has gone to great lengths to ensure our technological capabilities and offerings target the real challenges of employers today with vetted, proven tools delivering focused solutions that are potent, cost effective and meaningful to you.


Optimize is comprised of solutions that have meaningful, focused impact on the four ‘hot-button’ areas of Preparedness, Productivity, Population and Projection.

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