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Benefits renewal doesn’t have to be an annual frustration.

Manage skyrocketing healthcare costs with our innovative plan design capabilities and discover the easier way of finding the best plan for your company, helping you make smart decisions faster (often in just one meeting).

Using the Agile® approach, we present interactive models and scenarios to show you the impact of plan design changes on the spot—making your life easier.

At Hierl wedo things differently.

Our process gives you more control and helps you understand all your options, so you get the best plan to fit your company’s unique needs.

  • Between rising costs and health care reform, there are a lot of factors to consider for your renewal.
  • With our visual presentation, it’s easy to understand all your options – and legal obligations – simplifying the conversation.
  • We lay out all of your options visually and manipulate plan models in real time to explore creative solutions, fitting your budget and employees.
  • This approach helps you make the most educated plan design decision, easier than ever.
  • Our real time modeling capabilities mean questions get answered on the spot and alternatives can be explored all in the same meeting.
  • No more lengthy spreadsheets and drawn out renewals over several meetings.

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